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My aim is to help you slip on your own white coat, and feel empowered around knowing what's going on in your body AND simple steps you can take to start to feel better. Start here by choosing which category will best serve you.  


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The ME Mission Statement

It's time we as a community start to become empowered in terms of our healthcare. Understanding health challenges in a holistic way AND having access to high grade and effective natural solutions are things we as a society could really benefit from.  

The phrase "knowledge is power" can and should be applied to our health because right now healthcare has very little "care" applied beyond prescription medication. 

When our bodies become better supported then we become healthier. And suddenly "hope" for better health is restored. 

There is A LOT of information out there on the internet. My aim at Dr ME is to hand you the tools you need to simplify and narrow focus on what's going on with your health AND share simple natural solutions you can start to apply with ease into your life.

My mission is to empower you to become your very own Dr. ME. 


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The healthcare revolution we really need is simple: a return to the Mother Earth.

As we begin to consciously nourish ourselves and in gratitude nourish Mother Nature, the world can start to mend one by one.
— Dr Melissa Esguerra DC