Adventures in Positano and The French Riviera

I just officially returned from a whirlwind Summer season last week! I savored every last drop of the Indian Summer sun, did you? I have to admit that nothing is quite as sweet as completely disconnecting (with the exception of Instagram of course ;) from your daily grind and choosing to immerse yourself in new surroundings. I was able to do just that in my travels to Positano, Capri and the French Riviera last month. Last Thursday returned from visiting the very cool and hip Asheville North Carolina after celebrating a beautiful marriage of a friend in Virginia. *Sigh* Summer days!

I don't share a ton of personal information on my blog, but I find that completely boring. So I'm going to start sharing more candid stuff here. Don't worry, I'll still share lots of functional medicine information! But for today's blog, I wanted to share some pics of my adventures with you. 

And in the spirit of keeping this blog post relevant and of value for you, my natural medicine seeking friend, check out how my friend and I saved our vacation after she was infected by a Sea Urchin while swimming in Capri below!


Smashing a Sea Urchin Infection and Saving Our Vacation

Lavender lounging on rock in Capri, after having patched up my jellyfish sting

Lavender lounging on rock in Capri, after having patched up my jellyfish sting

While enjoying a totally delicious dip the beautiful Faraglioni beach in Capri, I was stung by a jellyfish (first time ever!) and my friend was infected by a Sea Urchin on her foot!  

Wam! Bam! The two of us were down for the count, or so it seemed. 

The jellyfish sting was a breeze to deal with compared to the Sea Urchin infection. Of course the only solution for a jellyfish sting I knew of was peeing on it and seriously, NO THANK YOU! So in desperation I pulled out my Lavender essential oil, having no clue if it would do anything. I doused my arm in Lavender drops and within minutes the pain and welts diminished. After few more applications and 15 minutes POOF! It was simply a memory. Thankfully one without urine.

For my friend however, we had no clue what the heck happened to her foot. It ballooned up to the point where light touch elicited excruciating pain. She couldn't even walk on it by the time we were ready to leave the beach that day. Out of desperation and total confusion we found ourselves with the paramedics that evening. The paramedic informed us that my friend had been scratched and infected by a Sea Urchin (see image below). He told us that she'd have to stay off of her foot for 5 days as was unlikely to see any changes in the swelling and pain for a week. WHAT?! NOT what we wanted to hear on the last week of our glorious European vacation.  

We were limited in our therapeutic options so we turned to the essential oils. 

When it came to this senario, we figured we'd need to support my friend with two things: the infection and inflammation. We used what we had in our bags, so here was the protocol we ended up piecing together:

1. The infection: Layer 1 drop each of OnGuard, Melaleuca and Rosemary (I would have used Thyme if I had it, but this was all we had on the trip).

2. The inflammation: Layer 1 drop each of Immortalle (I would have used Frankincense if I had it but we only had Immortalle, a blend that contained Frankincense), Past Tense and Peppermint. 

Again, we used what we had. The beauty of essential oils are their diverse applications. By layering and combining we were apparently able to cover our bases! Here are some pics of her foot over the next 1.5 hours ...


We applied the oils as list above every 15 minutes for a total of 1.5hours, that's 6 applications. Exhausted, we finally went to sleep at 2AM after the final application. 

The very next morning, we had to be up 5AM to leave for the Rome airport and fly to Nice France. To our pleasant surprise, my friend was able to walk around with little hesitation. We applied the oils twice more on the train from Sorento to Rome. Her and I could hardly believe how normal her foot was after being told just 12 hours prior that she'd be unable to walk for a week! 

Wow! Thank goodness for the oils! They literally saved our trip! 

While these essential oils are not a "cure" for anything, they certainly supported my friend's foot and natural healing abilities. It was truly a miracle. We are so grateful to have been empowered after feeling so dang helpless after visiting with the paramedics. What a blessing! And of course we were most thankful to be able to enjoy the last leg of our trip, the French Riviera! 

Melissa Esguerra