Forget Coffee??? What?!

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Coffee gets a bad rap. But is it really all bad?


The research says no. There’s lots of health benefits to coffee (increased acuity, may protect against Type II diabetes, improve brain health and may even improve liver health)! Honestly, there is nothing quite like a hot cup of joe in the morning. Am I right?!


But just like many things in life, there are also pieces of research that say coffee can negatively impact women’s estrogen levels, raise blood pressure and trigger more stress hormones.


So how do you know if coffee is right for you?


The answer is in how your body is responding to the coffee. So if you’ve been noticing extra dryness, anxiousness, feeling jittery or even reduced sleep (coffee is thought to stay in the body for up to 26 hours!) maybe coffee is not the best morning beverage for your health.


According to the ancient Indian medicine philosophy Ayurveda, your body’s ability love coffee or not has to do with your body’s consititution (or “dosha”). Want to figure out your dosha? Click here for the free quiz.


Here are some ways that you can make coffee work for your unique dosha.


Vatas (I’m a Vata in case you are wondering :)!

Add creaminess and sweetness to your coffee. I recommend doing this with a tsp of ghee or non-salted grassfed butter and a tsp of coconut oil. If I’m feeling like a need a little sweetness to my cup, I’ll add 1tsp of Vanilla extract or 1 tsp of maple syrup. You can also add a little grounding “spice” to your coffee to help balance the Vata. I recommend 1 drop of Cassia, Cinnamon or Cardamom. You’ll want to stick to 1 cup per day.



You will benefit from sweetening your coffee with a high quality maple syrup or coconut sugar. You will want to forgo the cream (if we’re talking dairy cream) because of the acidic nature of dairy cream. You’d be okay to use a nut milk. Stick to 1 cup per day. I also recommend adding a drop of Peppermint essential oil to your coffee, to balance the heat that tends to build up in Pittas. If a full drop of Peppermint is too much, just dip a wooden toothpick into your Peppermint bottle and then stir whatever is left on your toothpick into your coffee.



You’ll do best taking your coffee black. The cream can increase congestion and sweeteners are more likely to cause weight gain in the Kapha dosha. Try not to have more then 1 cup.

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Additional Coffee tips:


Get your cup between 6am-10am. The best time to drink coffee is during the cool, crisp morning time. Coffee’s warming and stimulating qualities can naturally wash away mental and digestive sluggishness associated with sleep and early morning.


Stick to 1 cup. It’s too easy to over do the coffee. I can totally admit to it myself. Overdosing on the caffeine will dehydrate you, stress out your adrenals and flip on the anxiousness switch if you’re prone to it.

Stick to this Coffee Routine I follow in order to help your body best experience and filter out coffee. No one wants to looked over caffinated (bug eyes, dry skin, nervous energy). Instead choose to fill your body with a gentle hydrating and detoxifying mug, followed by a small bit of nutrition and then you get to enjoy the cup of joe.


  1. Drink 1 cup hot water with 1 drop of Lemon essential oil or OnGuard essential oil and 1 tsp of honey.

  2. Eat a grounding breakfast with some fruit, protein and whole grains.

  3. Drink your cup of coffee, prepared according to your dosha.

  4. Have a kick a** day!


Here’s my typical morning routine ….


I stumble out of bed and lazily flip the switch on my electric kettle. I make enough water for my French Press and a cup of boiling water.


As the French Press is sitting, I do a cup of hot water, 1 drop of OnGuard essential oil and 1 tsp of raw organic honey. You can opt to add in 1 tbsp of apple cider vinegar for more detoxifying and digestive support. The apple cider vinegar is especially great for those who struggle with heartburn during the day.


Once I’ve finished my hot cup of water, I’ll brew up my morning coffee. I pour the French Press into my blender, add the 1 tsp of Ghee, 1 tsp Vanilla extract, 1 drop Cassia, 1 drop coconut oil. I blend up and then enjoy. The frothy mixture is divine!


Do you have a special coffee recipe that makes you feel amazing? Please share with us in the comments section!


-Dr. Melissa Esguerra

Melissa Esguerra