Integrating Functional Medicine in Your Home

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I’ve had this feeling in my heart for a while now to share more information with my loyal followers. My intention is to empower you with all the knowledge you need to be able to tap into your inner wisdom and heal yourself.

I'll be sharing information on natural healing, natural medicines, and functional medicine focused philosophies.

Hang out on my blog and you’re gonna learn about functional medicine and how it’s really about healing the body from the inside out rather than looking at the system and deciding what needs to be done based on just your symptoms.

We take a step back and we going even deeper looking at:

  • What’s the etiology?
  • What’s the root cause of that internal physiological dysfunction?

I think the jig is up, I think people are tired of just chasing their symptoms and right now unfortunately, in the world of commercial medicine, that’s still what’s going on.

That’s still the mainstream and while we see some really cool things happening with function medicine merging into the conventional medicine paradigm, for example, the Cleveland Clinic or Mayo Clinic, right now it’s still really inaccessible to most people.

It’s gonna take some time with a conventional medicine community to really catch up and that’s why I think it’s important that we all just take ownership and dive into this grassroots movement of learning how we can evaluate ourselves and make internal shifts that can make huge advancement for our own health and well-being.

This goes into immunology a bit, endocrinology or you can look into all of the science but for the most part, a lot of it can be broken down into simple digestible pieces of information that you can fully understand and make necessary adjustments to create huge, positive shifts in your health and wellness.

When it comes to my personal approach, I’m a functional medicine practitioner. I’ve been doing it for nine years but one thing I learned along the way is it’s not just about physiology, sometimes, it’s also about looking at the emotional component to health and healing as well.

Sometimes our physiological imbalances show up secondary to emotional imbalance. Emotional deficiencies are just being checked into our internal guidance system. In my upcoming posts I’ll be sharing ways that we can nourish and recalibrate our emotional systems so that we can become rooted again and connected in our higher guidance systems.

That is a little bit esoteric compared to most functional medicine practitioners, so I will be doing tons of science-based stuff.

I’ll be sharing about the physiology but I think that lot of people within it are also yearning to understand how the emotional and spiritual wellness pieces connect into our physical bodies.

Dr. Candace Pert, PHD, wrote this beautiful book, maybe 15 years ago, Molecules of Emotion and she did a beautiful job creating an understanding behind the physical of the physiological connection between emotional wellness and physical health.

I’ll be sharing a little bit about that and other gurus I’ve learned from. Mona Lisa Schulz, medical doctor and a PHD, has written some amazing pieces of work, and a recent one in conjunction with the late Louise Hay.

They wrote this very beautiful book called All is Well and well they don’t necessarily talk about the functional medicine component to the physical health, but they talk about the emotional piece and it’s beautiful.

It’s important to understand that you can affect your genetic expression. How you affect it is going to directly determine what type of pathologies or health stressors are going to hang out in your body.

Things like toxins and heavy metals, chemicals, chronic infections, food sensitivities. You can change a lot of genetic expression based on how your body is engaging and handling any of those pathologies.

These pathologies that affect the presence or absence of those pathologists. They then affect your body’s disease and symptoms and what that actually looks like. From there, that’s going to affect that outer layer in terms of how you’re living your life and your real capacity to stuff into a place that’s being virally energized.

How can you slip on your old white coat and become more adept in becoming the natural medicine doctor in your home?

I want to empower you to do so. So, let me know what you’d like to learn more about.  If it’s a personal thing, send me a direct message on my Dr. Melissa Facebook page.  

Your body seriously can make a big positive shift in your physical health and wellness, so that you could step into the life of vibrant health and happiness that you are really meant to experience here in this lifetime.

Have a great day!

-Dr. Melissa Esguerra

Melissa Esguerra