The What and The How Behind Heartburn, Upper Belly Bloat and Indigestion

What a lot people don't realize is things like heartburn or bloating or indigestion or just occasional upper belly bloat is a sign that the top of your digestive tract is experiencing imbalance.


I also went through a stage in my life trying to figure out what was going on with my gut and I just felt I was full. A lot of it had to do with the fact that I wasn't releasing adequate enzymes out of my stomach to break down my food.


Technically, our mouth is the top of our digestive chain and it releases enzymes but the enzymes that break down carbohydrates and protein starts in the stomach.


The stomach is located at the left side of your ribcage, above it sits the diaphragm, and the tubes that connects them. Sometimes with stress or when we tweak our backs, it puts a little bit of tension on that tube and can cause a reflux. We call that a hiatal hernia, that’s something you can get checked. Medical doctors will diagnose you with an x-ray or you can go to a chiropractor and they can adjust that. But if that keeps on happening, it is most likely a result of the stomach muscle itself.


Our organs are smooth muscles so they contract, get stressed and overwhelmed. It can contract and herniate up into the diaphragm causing reflux, so if it's a result of the stomach getting stressed out. It's probably because there's food rotting in there or the digestive tract is imbalance in the flora of the gut, which pertains to ulcers as well.


Whether you're dealing with symptoms of heartburn or you've been diagnosed Gerber, or you have upper belly bloat, there is a root cause. Most of the time it is a result of an imbalance of the digestive flora.


Now the biggest mistake that's made in my opinion, in the conventional medicine realm is no matter what your presentation is with heartburn they just give you an acid blocker. That's really nice because you don't feel the acid anymore but nobody's looked at why that's developed.


It doesn't just happen because of age. There's a mechanism at hand so it could be because of an imbalance in the gut flora in the stomach itself or within the upper part of the small intestine or even within the gallbladder. It could also be a structural issue if you're experiencing heartburn or GERD because of that release block that can happen in which case I'll give you an essential oil recommendation. You can also get at that adjusted with chiropractic.


Natural Ways To Support The Stomach


You can use essential oils to help relax the smooth muscle like marjoram which is my favorite smooth muscle relaxant essential oil, there's a blend I really like that has marjoram and peppermint in it. It's called Aroma Touch.


Aroma Touch helps to take that spasm stomach and let it relax a little bit, in hopes that it can chill out and come a little bit more below the diaphragm so that you're not experiencing that tension or that reflux anymore that's a bit structural if there's a physiological issue at hand of course you want to think about enzyme replacement but also recalibrating and rebalancing that dysbiosis.


Another way to support the stomach and releasing healthy enzymes is to just make it a habit to have apple cider vinegar. You could do a tablespoon of it before your meals or you can simply start your day out first in the morning, hot water, a tablespoon apple cider vinegar, and a little bit of honey, stir that up and take it down.  It just helps to cleanse out that internal environment of your gut, they'll get your digestive enzymes working and it does help to balance the pH a little bit in the stomach.


Other things that you can do throughout the day, is sip on safe to ingest citrus essential oils.  You can do lemon, you can do wild orange. Citrus oil helps to balance the pH throughout the digestive tract and also it's a gentle cleanser.


If you have you have H Pylori, if you’re not sure I recommend that you do a stool test. But if you know that you have that the some of these things could help clean it out like mastic gum is really popular.  In handling h pylori, you can do oregano, you can do it the herbal form, or you can do it in the essential oil form. Fennel also is very cleansing to the digestive tract.


I've noticed for a lot of people with upper belly bloat, when you're noticing it, take the DigestZen in essential oil. I like the roller bottle and roll it over the area where you're feeling the most bloat. This blend has peppermint in it which is going to be very soothing and relaxing to the gut. It has fennel in it which is naturally antimicrobial. It has a ginger which is anti-inflammatory which is very soothing and cooling.


If you're somebody that deals with bloat right after you eat it's not good it's a sign that maybe if that lasts within a few hours, it means your stomach isn't digesting your food well. You need to take enzymes with your meals, now if you start taking enzymes with your meals and you're still noticing that you're bloated 2, 3, 4 hours after you've eaten first thing in the morning.  It's a surefire sign you've got a rotten food in your gut, so not only do you want to take the digestive enzyme with your food you also want to take one or two between meals as well , that means like 2 hours after a meal. Let that digestive enzyme go in and help you digest your food. If that's not enough and you still got that bloat, let it go in and eat up that rotting food in your gut. You will feel so much better when that stuff gets cleaned out of your gut.


If you're a person who's always bloated even between meals then go ahead and just sip on your favorites citrus essential oil that will help purify that internal environment. If you're in the moment, for those of you that experience on heartburn and if you get that real painful feeling and you're trying not to use acid blockers. You can that you can use some natural alternatives but always talk to your treating physician about these things, make sure it's okay with him first.


You can do a drop of spearmint or peppermint in your water and just drink it for a nice cooling effect within the stomach. You will be so happy; you can feel that chilling sensation, that relieving sensation can make its way down your esophagus into your stomach like it is almost instant relief.


Have a great day!


-Dr. Melissa Esguerra


Melissa Esguerra