5 tips to make you feel amazing first thing in the morning

5 tips to make you feel amazing first thing in the morning.jpg

Back to school can mean back to the proverbial “grind.”  It’s easy to get swept up in the whirlwind of a morning schedule that can make your mornings feel rushed and CRAZY. It can be tough to remember to nurture your health and energy each morning.  

Here are some simple morning routine secrets that you can sneak in with ease to ensure you have a fabulous and energized day.

1. Brushing Teeth with OnGuard oil - Pearly whites do NOT have to accompany those toxic teeth whitening strips (ouch! They really hurt my teeth, which is obviously not a good a sign). Instead, I just use the all natural tooth whitening (and fluoride free) OnGuard toothpaste from doTERRA. I add an extra drop on OnGuard on top of the toothpaste to give my gums (and immune system) a little extra TLC.   Did you know that the mouth is home to a VERY big part of your immune system? In fact, there’s an meridian for every organ along the gum tissue so from a functional medicine perspective, it’s a very important part of your overall health and wellness.   Want to turn up the oral health attention? Do some oil pulling in the evenings. In addition to brushing teeth incorporate oil pulling a few times a week. 1 tsp of coconut oil along or almond oil in mouth, swish around like you would mouthwash for 5-20 minutes. Spit contents into trashcan.  

2. Morning Hot Water- First thing in the morning drink 1 hot cup of water with 1 drop of lemon oil or a slice of lemon. I recommend lemon essential oil because the juice from the fruit of the citrus can wear on the enamel of teeth, whereas the essential oil itself won’t do that since it’s not acidic like the juice from the fruit it.   This wonderful morning ritual will help to stimulate blood flow to your organs, promote health digestive function and support balancing the pH of your body.  

3. Take your vitamins! I think that the trick here is to have them out where you have to see them each morning. I take 4 vitamins each morning  

-My multivitamin (whole food vitamin and mineral)
-My essential fatty acid supplement (to support healthy skin, vasculature, heart and brain) -My anti-inflammatory blend (nope, I don’t have an inflammatory issue per say, I just know that life happens, stress happens, accidental toxin exposure happens, and my body feels better when I take this herbal blend that helps my body handle modern day living)
-Essential oil blend to support healthy cells  

4. Apply your all natural signature scent- I used to looooove perfume. Confession: I still have my old Tommy Hilfiger perfume I wore in my early 20’s because occasionally I’ll open it up and take a big wiff of it. But seriously, perfumes are packed with toxic chemicals that are going to mess with hormones and energy status throughout the day.

Also, for those of us with allergies, perfumes can further irritate the immune system and leave us more vulnerable to immune reactions during the day. This is yet another way that essential oils fit so organically into my life.   My current “signature scent” is a blend of called Peace. If I’m feeling a little more like wearing citrus, I love to dab a bit of Citrus Bliss over my collarbone and behind my ears. I get compliments everywhere I go so I know that it’s not just me, the scent is lovely!  

5. Are you a slow starter in the morning? 1 drop of Peppermint essential oil on your hands and applied on the back of your neck will help to wake you right up! No joke. If you haven’t tried this before, be sure to give it a try. It is life changing for you, and everyone you get to interact with in the morning. ;)

To your health and happiness,

Melissa Esguerra