5 Ways to Care for Your Breasts Daily

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It’s October! Yay! Truly, I just love the fall. The beautiful leaves, the crisp cool air, the smell of the trees, it’s all so lovely and comforting. Just yesterday it started raining in the afternoon here in Marin and I cozied up on my couch in some of my favorite fluffy socks, a hot chai tea and Phillpa Gregory’s new book The Three Sisters (history nerd alert;). 

In the wellness and medicine world, October is centered around breast cancer awareness. However, in the spirit of Conscious Language, I’ve decided to dub October Healthy Breast Awareness month. This chosen language frees our subconscious to think in terms of the positive and the empowered. 

A few weeks ago I was teaching an Essentials Oils class in a friend’s living room and the room was full of women who were concerned about breast health. I think I probably hear about this concern more than most people because of my professional background but truly ladies, we need to talk more about healthy breast practices!

So without further adieu, let’s dive into the top 5 ways to care for your breasts daily... naturally of course!

1. Eat Your Greens

Cruciferous veggies will help your body get rid of excess hormone. Hormone imbalance like estrogen dominance patterns can perpetuate extra inflammation in the body and encourage breast tissue proliferation (not the good kind). Cruciferous veggies activate the detoxification pathways of the body and support the elimination of excess estrogens. 

Shoot for 5-6 servings per day. It may sound like a lot but it can be super easy to sneak a few in a smoothie, choose romaine lettuce or kale at lunch and then throw another serving or two in at dinner. You’ll be at the 6 servings mark before you know it. 

You will not only start to have greater hormonal balance to support healthy breasts, but your skin will start to look brighter and more glowing as well. A double whammy benefit for sure!

2.  Breast Support with Essential Oil Application

I make a breast salve each morning with coconut oil and a few different essential oils. Frankincense and Wild Orange are two of the most important I’d recommend to start with because of their vast benefits. 

Frankincense can be extremely supportive of healthy cellular function, cellular reproduction and it’s a natural anti-inflammatory. Wild Orange is full of limonene, a natural chemical constituent within citrus essential oils. Wild Orange has one of the highest concentrations of this amazing constituent that has been associated with healthy cellular protection and detoxification both of which are going to support healthy breasts. 

I recommend applying these oils (2-3 drops of each) with 1 tbsp of coconut oil (I prefer coconut oil over lotion) and apply over breast tissue.

3. Use TOXIN FREE deodorant!!!

This is a HUGE lifestyle choice that will impact your breast health, no doubt. Most deodorants are full of heavy metals, which are NOT going to promote healthy tissue but instead promote poor cellular health. Additionally, heavy metals can act like carcinogens in our breast and some can even act like estrogen, promoting estrogen dominant issues like excess inflammation and unhealthy breast tissue proliferation. 

If you’re big on the DIY thing, can make your own deodorant with this recipe below. 

For me, someone isn’t the best DIY-er, I absolutely LOVE doTERRA’s natural deodorant because it works the longest out of any of the health food store brands I’ve tried. Full disclosure, with most all natural deodorants, you will need to reapply after 4-6 hours. 

My tip is to carry a bottle of Immortelle or Clarycalm essential oil blends with you for a quick “refresher” for your armpits ;) I would MUCH RATHER have to refresh with a little essential oil then apply the toxic deodorants and deal with those health consequences later!

4. Tame Stress

Stress is often the sneaky culprit behind imbalanced hormones and chronically inflamed tissues, both factors that lend to unhealthy breast tissue.
If you need help lowering stress levels, be sure to take a 20 minute walk during your day. 
You can also start choose to adopt a healthy habit of meditation in the morning or afternoon (or both). This has been proven over and over again to REALLY help keep your stress levels in check. 
I also like to diffuse essential oils like Lavender, Cedarwood, Peace blend or Balance blend by doTERRA in my workspace and in my home to keep my mood as calm and balanced as possible. 

5. Create Healthy Boundaries

This one can be VERY hard for us women. The breasts reside in the heart chakra, where we send out loving and nurturing energy. Sometimes however, when that energy is completely one sided, and we pour endless amounts of love and energy into someone or something that isn’t serving us or giving back, then we can start to experience a deficit in this fourth chakra. 

Start to reclaim your power beginning with self-love. Are you remembering to take the time to pour love back into YOU. You deserve it. The Universe/God/The Divine (pick your favorite term) wants you to take the time to love yourself, wants  you find the love and relationships that are going to also pour love and attention back into you. As humans we are meant to live and give of ourselves in our communities, but we are also meant to be able to receive love and nurturing in return. 
Second, bring back the loving energy and frequencies into your day by meditating and working on taking even breaths in, and out. Kundalini yogis say that you will know if you are spending too much time and energy giving rather than receiving if you have a hard time taking deep breaths in. We tend to be able to take longer exhalation with ease, a message that you might be giving too much outside of yourself. As you meditate, focus on bringing even inhalations and exhalations to the count of 10, working your way up to 20. 

Finally, you can also use essential oils to nurture healthy boundaries in your fourth chakra with Bergamot, Melissa, Tangerine, Ylang Ylang or Breathe blend. Choose the oil that most resonates with you or combine a few to create your own signature scent. 

As always if you are wanting to set up a wholesale account with the essential oil company I use, doTERRA, just click reply and drop me a message or click on this link (and select “Wholesale Member.”)

I hope this information serves in your life and that you feel a bit more confident in adopting natural daily habits that can nurture healthy breasts for years and years to come!

Melissa Esguerra