Cool Poolside Goodness for July 4th Shenanigans

Cool Poolside Goodness for July 4th Shenanigans.jpg

It’s the 4th of July weekend and I hope you are doing something fabulous! I love soaking up the summer sun, there is something so lovely about sun kissed skin. NOT sun burnt skin. So be sure you are covering and protecting your beautiful skin this weekend with some high quality, toxin free sunscreen. For me, my favorite natural sunscreen brands at the moment are:

  • Coola
  • Honest Company
  • Badger Balm

I also want to share with you my Skin Spray I like to use while out in the sun and then again after I’ve come in from the sun for added protection. See image below and feel free to share with anyone who you think might enjoy it as well.

cool pool.jpg

The Lavender oil will help soothe the redness on skin, the Peppermint oil will help cool skin so it acts as a nice skin refresher and the Sandalwood and Helichrysm can help to protect the skin. This spray can be applied on top of your sunscreen. Also, side bonus, you’ll smell AMAZING!

And, in the spirit of your holiday spirits, I wanted to share with you some fruit infused drink recipes.

Whipping up a batch of these surprisingly delicious, (dare I say nutritious) cocktails can help you enjoy your weekend guilt free :)

Also, these recipes are equally enjoyable if you choose to nix the boos and keep it alcohol free.

cool pool2.jpg
cool pool3.jpg

NOTE: If you’re a serious light weight and prone to the 1-drink hangover (this is me), keep a water with lemon or grapefruit essential oil close by. Be sure that for every cocktail, you enjoy a glass of citrus essential oil infused water.

Citrus oil aids in detoxification and pH balancing, taking the edge off of these hangover factors.

Cheers to your beautiful summer!

Melissa Esguerra