Dusting the Cobwebs from your Mind, Body and Soul

Dr. Melissa Esguerra doTerra Essential Oils

We have been focusing alot on hormones, but this month we are going to refresh our minds and focus on an important aspect of hormone health: cleansing.  I’m sure you often hear people talk about “spring cleaning” their homes. But I think that while your mind is on the topic of cleaning, why not also think about how you can spring clean your body too!

Spring is the perfect time to take inventory on what's happening on the inside, in terms of cleaning out the cobwebs. Over the next few weeks, we are going to cover how to cleanse and reboot all aspect of your vital, fierce female health: mind, body and soul!

In terms of cleansing there are A LOT of different cleanses out there. A lot of them are absolutely wonderful in their own way. I myself have done my own fair share of cleansing.

However, you don’t have to have a practitioner guide through a cleanse. And you know what, a “cleanse” doesn’t have to mean full blown food restriction, nasty herbs etc (although I LOVE me so good herbal cleanses!;)

You can choose to clean it up by simply altering your foods, being mindful of your water intake, maybe incorporating some natural solutions into your regimen.

What’s important though, is that you choose to check in with your body. Toxins are very much a part of modern day human living. We must actively choose to support our bodies through our day to day exposure. Toxins are the stuff that may be silently contributing to imbalances in the body. And do you know what that means? It means that toxicity could be what is wrecking havoc on your inner Beyonce! ;)


I wanted to start with food because food lays the foundation for your optimal health. You may have done a detox before that is completely done around nutrition. I’m going to talk number one about the foods you want to avoid that could be lending to your levels of toxicity, and then we are also going to be talking about foods that you want to ingest that encourage healthy and optimal detoxification patterns.


We do need to pay attention to the water that we drink. Tap water can sometimes have all these chemicals hiding in it. I will be talking more about water in the next blog. We absolutely NEED water for so many metabolic processes. In fact, we as humans are made up of mostly water. And it's essential that we get enough in our day to day diet.  But choosing to pick some high quality water is going to make a bigger impact on your detoxification efforts.


I'm also going to talk about environment and home environment.  Sick building syndrome is a REAL issue, and there are a lot of things that we could be exposed to not even know it.  So I am going to talk about environment awareness, external awareness and home environment awareness.

Our external environment, over time, starts to affect the internal environment. We are just organisms within the bigger organism of the planet so naturally there are going to be exchanges that occur.

Metals and Chemicals

The next thing we are going to talk about heavy metals and chemicals.

I’ll be sharing about the importance of assessing and addressing heavy metals but I’m also going to talk about how it is you can really own your day to day detoxifications in a long term, proactive way.

Digestive Tract

We are also going to be talking about gut cleansing. Your digestive tract is the largest organ system in your body, it is HUGE.

If we were to flatten out the digestive tract it would cover the surface of an entire tennis court!! With an organ system that size, you can imagine that maintaining a healthy environment within is very important. Imbalance in the gut can cause all sorts of health concerns: digestive ailments, thyroid issues, sluggishness and MAJOR mood issues as lots of our neurotransmitters are made in the digestive tract.

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Melissa Esguerra