Foods that detox

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Today I want to talk a little bit about a foundation piece of detoxification: food!  

One of the first principals you want to stick by when starting out a detoxification program, whether big or small, is to choose to adopt a hypoallergenic diet.

This means choosing foods outside of the soy, dairy, gluten or corn families.

We choose to avoid these foods in a detox diet because they tend to launch a low level immune reaction, which ultimately breeds inflammation, excess mucus and longer term imbalances which will upset optimal liver function.

Are you wondering if you have a low level immune response to any of these foods?

You would notice if you did in your gut, lungs, nose, and any of the other cavities that are covered by the mucosal membrane.

So now that we have the foods to avoid down, let’s talk about the foods that we can ENJOY VORACIOUSLY!

I think that one of the biggest misconceptions with detox is that you are starving yourself.

That thought could not be more wrong!

The truth of the matter is that FOOD IS LOADED with vitamins and minerals (obviously right?) that your system is going to require to properly detoxify.

Without the building blocks from food, the detoxification process won’t take place properly or as speedly and efficiently as it could (should!)

What to Eat

This veggie family is very high in Vitamin A, Vitamin B, Vitamin C, and sulfur which are building blocks for phase 1 and phase 2 of the detoxification process.

I also recommend eating garlic (YUM!) I know for some, garlic can have a stimulant like effect in the evening time.

So if you are incorporating garlic and you haven't had it in a while, try to eat it at lunchtime.

Personally, I LOVE the taste of raw garlic. But honestly my husband doesn’t appreciate it when I have it before bed (breath mint anyone;)!

Another food to enjoy on a detox are apples (with the skin on it). Apples are full of pectin. Pectin is AMAZING because it helps to bind up estrogen metabolites in the lower digestive tract. As women, we tend to reabsorb estrogen that is metabolized in our lower part of our digestive tract, so the pectin helps to prevent that. We live in a chemical laden world that lends to many of the estrogen dominant profiles we see in modern day: testosterone imbalance, impotence, low libido, endometriosis, PCOS etc.

Apple skin can help support our body in achieving a healthier state of estrogen balance.

There are so many different recipes out there for tea using turmeric. You can buy turmeric in a root or a powder form (be sure that it has a deep orange tint to it so that you know it is more of a pure form). Turmeric has loads of health benefits including keeping inflammation at bay.

Blueberries and strawberries are loaded with antioxidants and because of this benefit, they are definitely foods to include while on a detox friendly diet.

When we detoxify, our liver creates a sort of exhaust which we call free radicals (which are “oxidizing agents”). We counteract oxidizing agent with antioxidants in our body, because these oxidizing agents in excess can cause damaging effects on our bodies over time.

Berries can come to the rescue in supporting our bodies during a detox by providing powerful antioxidants.

Another food source to include as well would be clove. Clove has one of the highest antioxidant counts in nature! If you are into essential oils, you can rub some clove oil on your feet or a couple of drops in a veggie cap if you are using a brand of oils that are safe for internal consumption. You can also drink lemon essential oil which will help your body to recycle glutathione (which is your body's most powerful antioxidant) faster.

If your body can handle nuts, almonds can be a great food to consume while you are detoxing. It can help you stabilize blood sugar levels in case you might feel a little sugar deprived (yes, we are avoiding sugar while detoxing:)!

Almonds are also very high in vitamin E, which is another nutrient required for the detoxification process in the liver.

Please remember…

I absolutely love eating a detox diet during my spring clean months of reset and reboot. But PLEASE REMEMBER to EAT! Starving and going nutrient deficient will slow things down in your system. And you want to allow your body to catch the stride of cleansing with ease, so you can feel refreshed and rejuvenated at the end of your detoxification period.

Love + Detox,

Dr. Melissa Esguerra

Melissa Esguerra