How To Make Your Body Go "MMM" Every. Single. Day.

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You know the feeling...when you see the bouncy and bright women bust through the doors at the morning cafe.

It’s as if there’s a spotlight on her. Not the harsh lighting kind, but the kind that makes one look like Kendall Kardashian on the cover of Vogue magazine...

Glowing and flawless.

She’s bright eyed, her skin is glowing, hair is perfectly glossy, and her energy tangibly vibrant. And you can’t help but look at her and think…

“I’ll have what she’s having.”

After the college years when life starts to kick in (career, kids, family, budgeting, commuting), the natural ability to feel AMAZING and glowing starts to fade…into cynicism, exhaustion, I don’t know what. But whatever it is, we have to consciously shift that.

I know because I've been there.

And I know lots of women have been there too.

Getting back to that place of natural exuberance takes effort and intention pretty much after the age of 25.

And I know most of us don’t necessarily want to be “that woman” I described above for vanity purposes (I do, I mean what’s wrong with glowing skin, glossy hair and a bouncy pep in the step). At the very least though we probably ALL want to feel good and confident in our own skin.

I built an entire practice helping women get back to that vibrant and glowing version of their best selves.

And rather than leave you flailing on Google’s search bar looking for the “HOW TO” on … (getting more energy, lose 20 lbs, get glossy hair, wake up refreshed, amp up libido etc.) I’m going to let you in on a little clinical pearl of mine.

I call it the 4-M(e) approach, and it will truly make your body go MMMM Every. Single. Day.

So that next time you walk into a coffee shop, everyone will be turning to look at you and saying to themselves…

I’ll have what SHE’S having!

The 4 M(e) Approach


M- Medicine (Au Naturale)

Medicine means a healing substance.

I am not talking about prescription medications here. That’s a topic for discussion with you and your prescribing medical doctor. Me, I’m talking about natural medicine. Meaning plants, herbs, essential oils and food.

We have been co-evolving with plants since the beginning of mankind. So naturally, our bodies respond well to the healing properties of plant medicines.

If you have been trying to tackle balancing and optimizing energy, hormones, gut function, metabolism, weight loss, libido, brain health etc, natural Medicine is one of the first health accessories you’ll want to dress up your health regimen with.

M- Meditation

Going within and listening to messages from your own body and the Universe, can be wildly therapeutic.  But why is this so important? One work: Overstimulation.

Presently we are experiencing information and obligation overload. With the internet, wi-fi, cell phone text messages and phone calls telling our nervous systems to go and do this, run and do that, IN ADDITION to regular-life responsibilities with work and with families, our bodies and brain are pushing past normal limits of stimulation every day.

Meditation gives us the chance to silence the static.

To turn down the messages from outside, and tune into the messages coming from within.

There are also physical benefits of course like lowering stress levels, promoting better sleep, better day time energy and better skin elasticity, greater happiness and less anxiousness and depression.

M- Mindfulness

Our subconscious is the most power driver behind our beliefs and thought patterns.  We now know that thoughts can affect our health on a cellular level, thanks to a growing field of research called psychoneuroimmunology.

There are lots of ways to effect the subconscious, one of them being meditation. But there is also lots of power in effecting the conscious brain as well. And that’s where affirmation, or afformations, come in.

Check in on the messages you are sending to yourself each day. If they are negative ones, like feelings of stress, sadness, nervousness, it could mean that it’s time to turn up the Mindfulness Rx.

M- Movement

Exercise is seriously a factor here.  As human beings we are meant to be in motion.  We are meant to be outside, we are meant to play and dance and challenge our physical body.

Exercise does not have to mean hitting the gym or taking up running (although if you love it, do it!)

It just has to mean that you get your blood pumping and you challenge your body a bit. Every. Single. Day.

I know that this piece is the most energy intensive for most of us. It’s personally my biggest challenge. But once you know that importance of this on a cellular level, let me tell you, it will totally knock down all excuses you have about not getting it in.

Squeezing it all IN….

The BEST part about the 4 M(e) List is that it’s simple and easy to follow.

I have various posts each week here on my blog where I dive into one of the 4 pieces curated just for you. My aim is to keep you empowered to be your very own Dr. Me!

I’ve even created a little For Your Fridge 4 M(e) checklist.



Keep one on your fridge, on your phone screen, taped on your computer, wherEVER it is that you are going to see it!

Cheers to your (MMMM) delicious, healthy + vibrant life

Melissa Esguerra