OM Your Way to Weight Loss

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Can sitting still get your metabolism going?

Turns out, it can. But there’s a catch….

It’s through meditating. No... sitting on the couch and binge watching House of Lies isn’t going to cut it. But meditation can be a pivotal contribution in optimizing your metabolism.

And why would you care if your metabolism is revved up and working anyway?

Your “metabolism” governs some pretty big processes in your body:

-How energized you feel (or un-energized) -How you sleep -How you burn fat -How you break down food -How you lose weight -How you rebuild muscle tissue post-workout

As a modern day women participating in our day to day normal living, we are exposed to a lot of stressors and over time, the excessive amounts of stressors can start to wear on our metabolism.

Wondering if you have an excess of stressors?

Commuting (especially LA and Bay Area commutes!), eight hour work days, coming home and taking care our families, taking care of ourselves (ok be honest, this last one usually gets thrown out the window), “grown up” obligations like financial stress, boss stress, family stress, all these things really add up!

AND, if you take yourself out of those social stressors, and look more at the physiological stressors like foods that have colors and chemical additives, added sugars or GMO’s, these foods will cause additional stress on the system.

While some of these factors are indeed “within your control” some are simply just a part of living a regular life.

Engaging in a daily meditation practice can help your body better handle the daily stressors and therefore protect your metabolism.

What I would really recommend is that you take 5-10 minutes (minimum) to meditate every day. Meditation means just sitting silently on the floor and doing your very best to stay silent. Of course if you close your eyes you are going to have thoughts flow through your mind but that is a natural part of the process. It’s okay to just acknowledge the thought, release it and keep going.

Not sold on Meditation Yet?

3 More Reasons You’re Going to LOVE it’s Benefits

#1- Meditation can help reduce lactate levels in the blood. Blood lactate is elevated when one is dealing with stress or anxiety. Exercise can help to lower these levels as well, but meditation is thought to do so more efficiently (and in less time).

#2-Meditation can get your “feel good” neurotransmitter serotonin and sleep hormone melatonin up and revved. Living a high stress lifestyle will deplete serotonin and also make it more difficult for your body to create melatonin. Meditation can help to balance this out, au natural.

#3- This might be the most motivating factor for meditation...Meditation can increase the youth related hormone DHEA! A study done at Harvard Medical School said that meditating 40 year old males have an average of 23% more DHEA than non meditators, and mediating females have an average of 47% more DHEA than non meditators. In the world of anti-aging medicine, DHEA is one of the favorite bioidentical hormone replacements given by holistic practitioners.

Personally I would rather not have to pay $50/month for a DHEA bioidentical for the rest of my life, I would so much rather have my body produce it on its own to insure that I don’t create any type of imbalance long term. And meditation is a great (AND FREE) way to promote DHEA from year to year.

Other reasons to hit the mat and boost DHEA? DHEA will also help to decrease stress, heighten memory, preserve sexual function, and control weight.

Beginner Meditation Tips

If you are new to meditating you can simply start by sitting on the floor. It’s ideal for you to sit on the floor but if you have back issues, simply start in a chair. Close eyes and try to focus on the spot between your eyes. Begin deep breaths in, and then out. Try to make your inhale and exhale breaths equal in length. There are lots of forms of mediation but this is a good way to get started.

I recommend that you go ahead and explore different types of meditation to serve you best. Trust me, it was so tough for me to fall in love with meditation, so if you are struggling in the beginning it’s okay. Stick with it for 40 days and see how you feel. I promise you’ll be happy you gave it a go!

Cheers and namaste to your new mediation practice.

Melissa Esguerra