The Perfect Storm for Winter Colds

Perfect storm.jpg

No Doubt about it, fall (and soon winter) is here!

I LOVE this time of year. Right now it’s pouring onto my roof and I have to admit, there’s something very refreshing about the pitter patter of water and the smell of the redwoods and pine in the air. 

With goodness of this season also comes the delicious merriment of the holidays, treats, family fun, friends, merriment and cheer! But just like with anything taken to the extreme, we can often start to feel physical shifts of discomfort begin in our bodies, specifically within the immune system, during this winter time.

So today I’m sharing with you some simple tips on how you can get ahead of the game and stay healthy, vibrant, happy and revved up all Holiday Season long! 


winter colds.png
Melissa Esguerra