What's in Your Medicine Cabinet?

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Ahhhh the Medicine Cabinet. I know mine used to be full of Benedryl, Tylenol, Claritin and NyQuil. 

I used to get sick all the time. Swollen glands, sore throat and mild fever swooped in on my life like clockwork: every 4-6 weeks.

It. was. awful.

Have you ever been stuck in that cold/flu (recurring) nightmare? It can feel as if your immune system is stuck on a hamster wheel and can’t stop to take a breather.

At first I was a good patient. I took all the prescriptions. I stopped working out so hard. I took inventory of my sugar intake. I went to the doctor’s office to look into why I was always getting so sick.

But it got to a point where I realized that I was going to have to be the one to fix my body. When the weight gain started to pour on, I became highly motivated to slip on my own white coat and learn how to help myself.


Now that I know what I know, I’m SUPER PASSIONATE about sharing some of the secrets of *at home support* that I’ve picked up along my journey.

The Tough Look

Turns out, over the counter meds can often come with BIG TIME side effects when used over extended periods time.

Tylenol can cause holes in stomach linings, heartburn meds cause major nutrient deficiencies and other digestive issues, pain meds overwhelm the liver, on and on and on. When it comes to metabolic challenges, forget about it. By the time your periods are off, your thyroid is down and your fatigue is so intense you feel like you need a caffeine I.V. you feel like you have nothing else to turn to besides conventional medicine.

Don’t get me wrong, if I come down with the (now rare for me) cold, flu and fever that I can’t kick with my natural remedies (which is almost never), you WILL find me down at urgent care getting a Rx for antibiotics. And I completely understand the absolute necessity (and blessing) of prescription medications for thyroid and other hormone challenges.

I’m NOT anti-medication. In fact, I’m PRO-medicine, because honestly, medicine SAVES LIVES every single day. I’m just not for conventional medicine only.

I DO believe that if we can support our systems in returning to homeostasis (balance) then we may be able to see a return to optimal health and capable of healing ourselves from chasing-symptoms-syndrome.

The “Alternative”

I’m suggesting we as a society start looking at “alternative” medicine as the first line therapy and then the synthetic prescriptions as the “alternative.”

It’s not that medicine is malicious, it’s that we as patients often wait until it’s too late to do anything else (like natural medicine). That’s the point where most of us go crawling into the doctor’s office, pale, feverish and dizzy, feeling terrible and YES, at that point we probably need that prescription medication.

But the long term use of these suckers, the every 4-6 weeks of prescriptions for the re-occurring symptoms, may be an indication that things aren’t right.

A deeper dive into care beyond symptom management may be needed. What NOW?

People often think they have to study natural medicine in order to know how to use it.

That may have been true years ago. However thanks to the internet, we have loads of information literally at our fingertips..

There are lots of amazing herbs and supplements out there but one of my favorite natural tools are doTERRA essential oils. They are simple to use, easy to access and available to everyone.

I’ll be covering lots of empowering info on hormonal support, immune support, family wellness, digestive and detoxification support in my upcoming webinars.

The next one is coming up and it’s all about Essential Oils and Female Hormones. Register here to reserve your spot. Cheers to slipping on your own Dr. ME coat and becoming empowered with natural solutions in your home!


Dr. Melissa Esguerra

Melissa Esguerra