What's your Revolution?

Do you know what tagline has been popping up allll over my radar lately? And I'm sure you've seen it too...

“New Year, New You” ← How’s that for a depressing catch line?

I feel what’s more appropriate is “New Year, EVOLVED YOU” ← Feels MUCH better :)!!!

Because aren’t we supposed to be growing each year? Taking the lessons learned from our experiences in the previous year and allowing them to mold us into more loving and present beings?

I think yes. 

So this week I’m going to invite you write down 3 “stellar life” goals you’ve been looking to achieve. Write them down and then find a few Pinterest images you can save onto your phone’s home screen, or save them on your desktop. Somewhere, where you will see them and be reminded of the vision you have for your new year. 

If you’re needing a little inspiration to get you going, you can check out my digi-vision board for 2017 here. 

This week (and for the rest of the month really) I wanted to give you some tips on how to reset your digestive tract because the gut is really the center for your self-discipline, your self-confidence and your personal power…. It represents your ability to achieve your goals. 

These simple tips are food based, are surprisingly tasty and really pack a punch in their effectiveness. 

1. Cheers to your day! Start each morning out with a cup of warm water, 1 tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinegar and 1 teaspoon of organic honey, right away.

This drink will stimulate blood flow into your belly, enzyme production and evacuation, so your system is primed for your day. 

2. Avoid Processed grains! Think of processed grains like kindergarten paste: slimy, sticky and tough to remove from your skin.

As processed grains make their way through your gut they create a bad bug feeding frenzy (Candida especially love processed grains). This past year I did lots of research on grain, since I was no longer aligning with the principles of Paleo. 

Turns out that grains are full of lovely health benefits that won’t in fact wreak havoc on your body, as long as you choose whole grain and avoid the processed grain and as long as you pair that grain with some yummy, high quality produce, for optimal mineral and vitamin balance. 

Here are some of my new favorite stars in my kitchen in the grain family that keep my gut happy and healthy: quinoa (interesting fact: this one isn’t actually a grain, it’s a seed!), wild rice, brown rice, lentils, oats, millet and buckwheat. 

And guess what, if you’re gluten-free, all the whole grains mentioned are gluten free (yay!)

  • Bonus tip:

If you find your gut is a little sensitive to whole grain foods, it could just mean that you need to soak them prior to cooking them. While these foods are very rich in enzymes, they also contain some enzyme-inhibitors, or compounds that prevent enzymes from functioning optimally. For this reason, these foods are best enjoyed when soaked or sprouted first in order to effectively neutralize the enzyme inhibitors while leaving the other nutrients in perfect order.

3. Include lots of colorful veggies! I reccomenmd 10-12 servings of fruits and veggies per day (yes! You CAN do it!)

Here are some of my favorites to support healthy gut: 

  • Apples: totally in season right now and packed with pectin, a fiber that helps our gut absorb estrogen metabolites. Eating produce high in pectin will help prevent reabsorption of these estrogen metabolites in the lower part of the gut. (Ladies: we typically don’t need reabsorption because we are already exposed to so many estrogen promoting toxins in our day-to-day lifestyle.)


  • Fennel: this guy is a great addition to soup recipes and is completely soothing for the digestive tract. In essential oil therapeutics, fennel is one of the first oils I test for gut issues because of its effectiveness. 


  • Ginger: a natural anti-inflammatory and anti-nausea root, ginger adds both a tasty flavor boost and loads of healthy benefit for the digestive tract.


  • Jerusalem artichokes: I was gifted some of these a few months ago had to look up how to cook them. In the midst of my research, I found out that these guys are extremely high in inulin, a prebiotic for the gut (wahoo!). This just means that it acts as food for all the good bug in the gut. 


  • Sauerkraut: this is fermented cabbage and man is it tasty! Add this to your sandwich, your wrap, or saute in a pan with chopped onions for a warm and yummy side for your dinner dish. Sauerkraut is an excellent all natural probiotic for the gut. 


  • Manuka Honey: a delicious addition to your tea, this special honey helps the gy in repairing itself. If you have signs of leaky gut (hint: we all have a little leaky gut because of all the toxins and processed foods we’ve been exposed to), 1 tsp of this each day is going to give your gut a little extra TLC. 

Anyway, hope the 3 tips offer you a little encouragement and inspiration to help you make your 3rd Chakra (and your convictions for 2017) strong and resilient. 

If you have any questions about your gut just drop me a note to see if I can help. 

Cheers to an amazing 2017!

Melissa Esguerra