Nothing's wrong, but things DEFINITELY aren't right

Nothing's wrong, but things DEFINITELY aren't right.png

Do you ever feel like you are having to figure it all out by yourself? You went to the OBGYN’s office to tell her about your low energy, your lack of sleep, your irregular cycles. So she did her check up...and it all came back “normal.”  

Yes, at that point you should be relieved that nothing is “wrong” but you just can’t shake the feeling that something “isn’t right.”

I’ve seen hundreds of women come to me frustrated about their lack of support from their doc’s office and desperate to find solutions for their hormone issues, their digestive discomfort their raging mood swings etc.

To put it simply, there is IMBALANCE going on.

And yes, it’s probably hormone, gut, immune system or neurotransmitter imbalance. And YES, there is LOTS that can be done naturally with natural medicine like food, herbs, supplements and essential oils to bring that imbalance back to balance.

But there are also other factors, that have likely been at the helm of your misdirected ship.

There are the external factors of environmental stress, family stress and money stress. With so much of our energy going “out” it can be tough to call your attention “in” beyond the brain signal of “hey, this hurts” (“this” meaning your tummy, your head tension, your mood, your exhaustion).

Because once something hurts, then your mind is more likely to pay attention to it.

And while I certainly don’t think you should be freaking out about every ache and pain, if something is lingering and starting to affect your vitality and making you feel less than F-A-B, then it’s time for some a (self) adjustment honey!

The Just 4M(e) Plan is simple and easy to apply in any self check. It’s so basic in fact, I really can’t understand why we aren’t taught this kind of simple self care in junior high health class!

So I’m creating a sort of continuing education for us women who are ready to slip on our own white coat and step into a space of self-empowerment. That continuing education is FREE and it’s right here on this blog and soon to be FIRST eBook (that will be FREE to:)!

Stick with me and I’ll help you understand the functional Medicine side of women’s health like hormones, gut, immune, brain and detoxification systems...all stuff you probably didn’t know you always wanted to know!

I’ll also be sharing the science and “why” behind Mindfulness + Meditation as medicine and why both of these often neglected components of health are ABSOLUTELY KEY in long term cellular health, and vitality. In fact, they might even be the largest piece missing in many cases!

And the last piece you can look forward to in future blogs is Movement as medicine, (ie. exercise!) Exercise might not be everyone’s favorite thing to do, but if that’s you, it’s probably because you haven’t been doing the right kind of exercise for YOU.

Different kinds of exercise are better for different metabolic types. I’ll be sharing with you how to find which exercise types will make you feel AMAZING after each workout and BEST serve your metabolic system.

I’m excited (and a little nervous) to put this out there, but I know that once I do, I’ll have to held accountable. So *drum roll….*

I’ll be releasing my first mini-ebook in the next few months where I’ll go into depth on each of the Just 4M(e) pillars in an effort create inspired action within you and other women across the globe!

So which of the 4-M’s are you most excited to dive into? Any of these something you’ve been wanting to look into but haven’t yet? Share your comments in the section below because I’d love to hear from you!

Melissa Esguerra