The Detox Experience

Throughout our four weeks together you'll be able to access this page for weekly updates on Detox Recipes, Essential Oil Info, Self Care Recipes and the Yoga Feature for the week. Please bring your questions over to our Facebook Group.



Delicious Detox Recipes is a food guide full of detox friendly recipes for you to use during Week 1 and Week 2. All the recipes are plant based. Animal protein can be nourishing for many people. However animal protein has the propensity to be pro-inflammatory and is also much more energy intensive to breakdown in the digestive tract. Instead, we focus on nourishing your system with wholesome, plant based and delicious nutrients that support healthy detoxification.

A little tip for staying "on point" throughout the 30 Days: find plant based food bloggers who have images you LOVE! Some of my favorites are @rainbowplantlife @edgarraw @letscookvegan. They are all SO AMAZING and constantly inspiring me to be creative while keeping my meals clean in the kitchen. 

Week 1: The Natural Detoxifiers 

In Week 1 we are focusing on laying the foundation for detoxification. We do this with 4 items this week:

1. Life Long Vitality (LLV): This nutritional supplement trio pack includes whole food vitamin, mineral and essential fatty acid support and includes an anti-inflammatory and cellular energy blend. Take 2 of each in the morning and 2 of each in the evening.

2. TerraZyme: This comprehensive digestive enzyme ensures the food we eat gets properly broken down and absorbed while detoxifying. Additionally, you can use TerraZyme between meals to help eat up any rancid or rotting food that may be hanging out in the digestive system. You might need this extra dose if you notice you are bloated even hours after meals or if you experience persistent gassiness. Take 2 with each meal. 

3. DDR Prime: As we detox the body, we want to be sure that our cells are being supported for optimal health and function. With a WHOLE-istic cleanse, it's not just about "cleansing" but ALSO about "restoring," Our DDR Prime's role is to support a return to optimal cellular integrity and while also protecting cells from free radical damage. Take 1 in morning and 1 in the evening.

4. Lemon Essential Oil: This refreshing essential oil is a baseline staple for what I refer to as my "daily detox" regimen. It's delicious AND it packs a major punch for keeping the body healthy and energized. Lemon essential oil is high in limonene, so it helps the liver detoxify, aids in glutathione production and also protects cells. Lemon also helps to eat up chemical toxins, balance pH in the gut and also purify the digestive system. Enjoy 1-2 drops in 10-16 oz of water. Sip throughout the day and repeat with each refill of water. 

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Week 1 Intention: NOURISH Body, Mind and Soul.

As we start out our detox journey, Id like to invite you to set an intention for the week. Do you want to feel more energized? Do you want to release a stored emotion? Do you want to sleep more soundly? Whatever it is, get super clear on it. 

For us as a group I'd like to offer up the intention of Nourishment. Choose to be in a mindset of nourishment as you choose your foods this week. Nourish your body as you take your supplements, apply your oils or choose which beverage to sip on in the morning. Nourish your physical body and jump into a bath, or take a walk or set aside 10 minutes to take a walk and breathe in fresh air. Let all your choices in alignment with that of nourishment as you care for yourself this week. You deserve it. 

May be week be full of nourishment.



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