The Thyroid Essentials Support Kit


Get the 4 Essential Oils that can re-establish a



The Cellular Complex Blend

This blend has a bunch of the oils we covered in our webinar ALL IN IT: Frankincense to promote healthy cells, Lemongrass for healthy lymph drainage, Clove and Listea for thyroid protection and cellular renewal! 

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Citrus Essential Oil

Grapefruit helps the thyroid balancing organs get on track by supporting healthy liver function, gut harmony AND BONUS, also supports healthy fat metabolism and calms sugar cravings. 

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Copaifera Essential Oil

Activates the power of the endocannabinoid system to support a healthy immune response around the thyroid and healthy hormone production

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Turmeric Essential Oil

Promotes healthy inflammation, cellular renewal, anti-aging, promotes liver function, healthy gut (both KEY in thyroid balancing) AND guess what, promotes good thyroid function!


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Free 1:1 consultation with me, Dr. Melissa, to talk all about your thyroid and other wellness goals, and how you can maximize your oils to support you exactly where you’re at.

*Due to my limited time availability, my Thyroid Essentials Support Kit + 1:1 consultation offer is limited to only the first 25 purchasers.

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Nourish Your Thyroid Recipes + Tools

To ensure you stay clear on your next steps, I created a Nourish Your Thyroid recipe guide, Shopping Lists and Daily Thyroid Rituals Guide just for you. This way you can get on track fast, using your oils consistently so that you can see shifts quickly.


All Access to VIP Members’ Site

I believe that empowered living starts with the right resources. That's why I created a VIP customer only Oils Membership site + Facebook Group. It's full of the best resources, webinars, free downloads, oils challenges and VIP only webinars put on by myself and my other essential oils expert friends.

Essential Oils
Quick Reference

My favorite coffee table booklet to grab and look up the answer to the question "what essential oil can I use for that?" That's right, you'll find yourself using these thyroid oils for so many things besides just thyroid wellness. Just wait and see!