Thyroid Wellness

Thyroid is certainly a hot topic nowadays. That's probably because 20 million Americans are struggling with thyroid challenges today. If that sounds like you, I invite you to spend some time browsing this page. It's full of curated tools and resources on Thyroid Wellness, all focused on helping you doctor up that thyroid!

I recommend beginning with the Thyroid Essentials eBook and taking the Thyroid Type Quiz, at the back of the book. The most common challenge for thyroid patients is that they don't know the root cause factors of their own unique thyroid imbalance. This quiz will help you know which factors to focus on. Your quiz results will also help you know which protocols to use first in supporting your body back to balance.

Next you can dive into the additional downloads for "cheat sheet" protocols, Thyroid Nourishing foods and more. And finally, once you know your thyroid type, you can dive even deeper by watching the videos below.


I was getting so many questions on natural thyroid support that I finally wrote an eBook about it. In this eBook you'll identify what your Thyroid Type is (there's a Quiz at the back of the book) and learn how to naturally support your type using essential oils. Click the button below to get your FREE copy.  


Now that you know how to support your thyroid with plant therapy, let's talk nutritional therapy! My thyroid nourishing plan focuses on flooding your body with wholesome, healthy and nutrient dense foods, known to feed the thyroid specifically. Click on the button below to grab your Thyroid Nourishing Foods List. 

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I hope you enjoyed the Thyroid Essentials eBook. While it's certainly full of explanation, I know that assembling the protocols for yourself may feel overwhelming. I got you covered! Here are the cliffnotes ;) Remember if you have multiple factors at play, just stick with the top one or two when getting started on your wellness plan.


Did you know the thyroid is particularly vulnerable to toxins? Making the necessary switch to toxin-free living is easy and oh-so-delicious thanks to essential oils! Check out my guide below to help get you started. Our DIY guide is just a start. doTERRA also has a whole eBook on how to make the transition to toxin free living too. 

And, if you want to dive even deeper into each of the Thyroid Types, you can check out these webinars I did from a past course I had created.


Thyroid Basics

Core Factor 1: Nutritional


Core Factor 2: Autoimmune


Core Factors 3-4-5-6: LEGS

BONUS: Using Protocols